Shadow Rising (Writing Prompt from Rachel Poli’s Blog)

“How did you find me?” Shadow asked Flare stiffly.

“You know me better then that, Shadow.” Teased Flare coldly. “I can find anyone if I want to.”

“I told you to leave me alone, I’m done fighting, I’m sick of wars, I’m sick of being in wars.” Shadow snapped, her ears going back.

“Shadow…you can’t just quit! We created you…without us…you’re nothing!” Snarled Flare.

“All you ever did was train me as a killer, and tell me that you cared about me! You lied to me my entire life!” Shadow hissed.

“I trained you as a fierce warrior, and I do care about you! I didn’t lie to you, I never wanted to!” Flare sighed.

“Ya, right. You expect me to believe you after all these years?!” Snapped Shadow.

“No…but you’re coming back with me, we need you- I need you.” Flare said, narrowing his eyes.

“Never, you’ll have to make me.” Shadow hissed, crouching defensively.

Flare lunged, scratching at Shadow’s neck, Shadow jumped out of the way and he slammed into the snowy ground. Shadow grabbed his neck and held him down on the ground.

“Let…me…go…Shadow!” Wheezed Flare.

“I’m sorry, Flare.” Shadow whispered in his ear.

“Shadow…don’…this.” Flare begged.

“I love you, Flare.” Shadow said. “Come find me when I’m no longer just a weapon to you.”

“Wha-?” Flare began. Shadow threw him against a tree, hard enough to knock him out, but not too hard as to hurt him.

“You and I could be something, Flare. But I’m sick of being a weapon, I just want to be a fox.” Shadow said, licking Flare’s ear. “Next time…if you come again to turn me back into your weapon…I won’t be so kind…” She added coldly.

Shadow walked off, toward the Winter Mountains. She climbed up them until she made it to a higher ledge, looking down, she saw Flare stand up. She used her powers to blend in with the snow around her.

“Goodbye, Shadow.” She heard Flare call. “I’ll find you someday, when I can get out of the war.”

“Goodbye, Flare.” Shadow said, the wind taking her voice to Flare.

Shadow turned, and entered a cave to her world- a world where she was alone, and at peace…

This story is written with the help of a writing prompt from Rachel Poli’s blog. For the link: Rachel Poli

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