Tigeress and the Jewel (Writing Prompt From Rachel Poli’s Blog)

Tigeress watched the museum carefully.

“Camera’s are shut down, Tigeress.” Hacker said through her comlink.

“Got it. Let’s get this heist started.” Tigeress purred.

“Do you want me to send in Shockwave?” Hacker asked.

Tigeress blushed a little, thankfully nobody could see her. “Nope, I’m good.” She replied calmly. “Going in.” She added as she crawled up the museum wall so she could get on the roof.

“You can’t harm anyone, so make sure no-one sees you.” Hacker warned.

“I have a special poison in mind tonight, for anyone who sees me.” Tigeress replied.

Tigeress let her claws out of her gloves and cut a circle in the glass roof of the museum. Then, she took it out and slid into the museum.

“Where’s the jewel?” Tigeress asked Hacker.

“Go to the right and down the hall is a locked door.” Hacker replied. “But the door is now unlocked.” He added.

“Great.” Tigeress said as she opened the door. Inside was lazers. A ton of them. “Thanks for leaving the lazers.” Tigeress purred.

“Shockwave figured you’d want a work-out.” Hacker replied, teasingly.

“He knows me well.” Tigeress said, blushing, before doing a backflip over a lazer. Using her gymnastics training, she easily dodged the lazers.

She entered the door on the other side and in the middle of the vault- the mysterious blue jewel found in the remains of a ancient tribe’s village. Tigeress pulled the fake one out of her pocket and did a quick switch.

“Did it work? Or did I make a mess of things?” Tigeress asked Hacker.

“It worked, you’re all good.” Hacker replied.

Tigeress smiled and put the jewel in a small bag on her waist. Then, she went back through the lazers. “Phew. Today is some work-out.” Laughed Tigeress.

“To bad you’re not going to be able to go home with the prize.” Growled her arch-enemy’s trainee, Wolf.

“Wolf, hun, you gotta stop coming after me.” Laughed Tigeress. Then, into her com, she whispered. “Lock up all the vents, I’m locking Wolf in the chamber. The police will love to know who he is, and Fox’ll be to busy cleaning up to catch me.”

“Got it, vents are locked.” Hacker replied.

“Bye, Wolf.” Tigeress purred, walking out the door. She threw a shuriken right through a lazer, setting off the alarm. Then, she shut the door quickly.

“Door’s locked.” Hacker told her.

“Good, a heist well done, with no messes.” Tigeress purred as she left the museum.

“Shockwave’s got a car, he’s coming to pick you up.” Hacker replied.

“Great.” Tigeress purred, seeing the car pull up.

“Oh, and you did a good job.” Hacker said.

“Always do.” Tigeress replied before getting in the car.

The End

For the link to Rachel Poli’s blog so you can do the challenge too: Rachel Poli.

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