The End and the Beginning

Pawsteps. Crunches of leaves. Sounds of the forest.

She could hear the humans. What had she done? She had protected her owner.

She could hear the humans drawing closer. She could feel the bullet in her side. She could taste the blood.

Fear. Anger. Hate. How could humans do this to her?” What did she ever do to them?

The forest was ending. A hard path stood before her. Small, but busy.

Freedom. Sadness. Alone. All she had to do was cross. Did she dare? Yes.

A car. It collided with her. It was quick. Almost painless. It was over. The end was here.

She entered into a bright light. Blinging. Peaceful. Happy. Waiting on the other side was her owner, her Beth. They stared. Finally, they were together. The joy of a puppy filled her as she jumped on her owner.

They were together, they were at peace. Free of the world. Free of life. Free of pain.

The End

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