Arianna (Writing Prompt from Rachel Poli)

Arianna stared at the beautiful silk red dress in the shop window, longingly, wishing she could afford it.

“Hey Ria.” Called her friend, Shawn.

“Hey, Shawn.” Arianna replied, trying to smile.

“You okay?” Shawn asked.

“I’m fine.” Arianna replied coldly. “Stop worrying about me.”

Shawn stood there, quiet, while Arianna glared at the ground. Shawn cleared his throat.

“You going to prom?” Shawn asked, trying to change the subject.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Arianna replied with a shrug.

“I gotta get to my dorm, I have stuff to pick up, see you at Biology?” Shawn asked.

“Sure. I’ll probably be late; I have to walk there.” Arianna said, trying not to glance at Shawn’s convertable.

“I’ll pick you up.” Shawn said. Arianna gave a short smile before walking away, back toward her apartment she shared with Lana and Raven.

When she walked in, she saw that Lana was gone, but Raven was on her phone, chewing gum. As usual, Raven was dressed in black. Black jeans, black leather biker jacket, black hair, black spiked choker, and heavy black make-up. Very Gothic.

“Hey, Raven. How’s Max?” Arianna said, sitting down on her bed with a thump.

“Max and I are over. He says that I look bad in Goth, and that I should wear something brighter.” Growled Raven, her eyes flashing furiously.

“Boys, they always try to pretend they know fashion.” Sighed Arianna with a half smile.

“That’s right.” Agreed Raven, her face still etched in a scowl.

Then, someone knocked on the door. “Apartments Manager!” Called a voice.

Raven went to get up, but Arianna said quickly: “Why don’t I get it? You always hate how he flirts with you.” Raven shrugged and sat back down.

Arianna walked to the door and opened it. “Hello, John.” She said calmly.

“Hi, Arianna!” John said, his cold eyes staring into her. “Just telling you it’s time for rent.”

“Oh. I’ll have to get Raven’s and Lana’s together, then I’ll drop it off.” Arianna said, smiling uneasily.

“Okay, well tell Raven I said hi.” John said, winking at her.

“Yep.” Arianna said grimly, clenching her teeth together so she wouldn’t yell at him.

Arianna shut the door and fell onto her bed. “That man really gets on my nerves.” She growled to Raven.

“I know, right!” Raven agreed. Through the open balconey, Arianna and Raven heard a motorcycle pull up, and Raven jumped to her feet.

“Gotta go, my ride is here.” Raven said, grabbing her leather boots.

“Who’s it this time?” Teased Arianna.

“His name is Axel! He’s deffinitely the one for me.” Raven replied, smiling proudly.

“That’s what you said about Phoenix, Max and Leo.” Arianna sighed.

“This time it’s different!” Raven insisted.

Then, someone knocked on the door and Raven dashed to get it.

“Oh, hi, Shawn. Here for Ari?” Raven asked.

“Yep.” Shawn said, leaning up against the doorway.

“I’ll be right out!” Arianna called quickly.

Arianna ran into the bathroom and quickly did her make-up. Then, she got on a pair of cut-out jeans and a tan-top.

“I’m ready.” Arianna said, coming out.

“One sec.” Raven said to Shawn, shutting the door on him.

“Raven!” Gasped Arianna. Raven grabbed a box off her vanity. She slid a set of bracelets from the box onto Arianna’s wrists, then clipped a pair of dangling black gem earings on Arianna’s ears, and finally hooked a black lace choker on her neck.

“There, now you’re ready to go.” Raven said, smiling.

“Raven.” Sighed Arianna, raising an eyebrow.

“Come on! You always wear burnt orange! You look good in black!” Raven replied, smiling.

“Fine.” Arianna groaned.

Arianna walked over and opened the door, beaming at a confused Shawn. “Let’s go.” Arianna said. Shawn and Arianna headed to Shawn’s ferrari, while Raven went to see Axel.

“Ready for biology?” Asked Shawn.

“Totally.” Arianna replied, smiling.

They pulled into the school and went inside, where a teacher walked up to Arianna.

“Arianna, it’s time for you to pay or we’ll have to kick you out.” Apoligized the teacher. “This is a private school, it isn’t free.”

“Oh. Of course.” Arianna said, forcing herself to smile. Tears began to pool in her eyes. “I-I’ll be right back.” She whispered to Shawn as soon as the teacher walked away.

Arianna ran to an empty hallway, and sat on the floor and cried. “Mom, what am I supposed to do? Dad and I haven’t talked since he married Evelyn, and I am running out of money.” She said to her dead mother, hoping her spirit was somewhere near.

“I’ll pay for your school year, and your apartment until you can get back on your feet.” Shawn said, sitting next to her.

“I can’t ask you to do that.” Objected Arianna.

“You didn’t; I insisted.” Shawn said, smiling.

“But I can’t repay you!” Arianna said, looking at Shawn, wide-eyed with tears pouring down her face.

“Yes you can.” Shawn replied.

“How?” Arianna asked quickly.

“By letting me buy you a dress and by letting me take you to prom.” Shawn said, smiling as he wiped the tears off Arianna’s face.

“O-of course I’ll go with you.” Arianna said, smiling. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for ages!”

“Really?” Gaped Shawn.

“Yes.” Arianna said, smiling.

“We better head to class. See you at prom?” Asked Arianna.

“Totally.” Shawn said, standing up. He gave Arianna a few hundred dollers. “Buy yourself the most beautiful, expensive dress if you want. I don’t care, as long as you’re happy.” He added.

Arianna smiled as she walked to biology. I love Shawn…but maybe I’ll wait until prom to tell him. 

The End

Writing prompt from Rachel Poli’s blog, the link: Rachel Poli.

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