Arianna (Writing Prompt from Rachel Poli)

Arianna stared at the beautiful silk red dress in the shop window, longingly, wishing she could afford it. “Hey Ria.” Called her friend, Shawn. “Hey, Shawn.” Arianna replied, trying to smile. “You okay?” Shawn asked. “I’m fine.” Arianna replied coldly. “Stop worrying about me.” Shawn stood there, quiet, while Arianna glared at the ground. Shawn […]

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The End and the Beginning

Pawsteps. Crunches of leaves. Sounds of the forest. She could hear the humans. What had she done? She had protected her owner. She could hear the humans drawing closer. She could feel the bullet in her side. She could taste the blood. Fear. Anger. Hate. How could humans do this to her?” What did she […]

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Tigeress and the Jewel (Writing Prompt From Rachel Poli’s Blog)

Tigeress watched the museum carefully. “Camera’s are shut down, Tigeress.” Hacker said through her comlink. “Got it. Let’s get this heist started.” Tigeress purred. “Do you want me to send in Shockwave?” Hacker asked. Tigeress blushed a little, thankfully nobody could see her. “Nope, I’m good.” She replied calmly. “Going in.” She added as she […]

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Shadow Rising (Part Two)

Flare layed down in the cave, the coldness seeping into his fur. He could smell Shadow’s scent, but it was old, stale. He sighed, he’d finally left the war and Shadow hadn’t waited for him. Then, he saw some scratches on a wall. It wasn’t like Shadow to do that, so he looked closer. I’m […]

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